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Livestream your wedding or any special event to loved ones anywhere in the world.

No one has to be excluded with this virtual option.

Easy one-click guest access to a personalized streaming page . No apps to download.


We can also livestream to FaceBook, Zoom, Teams, Meet, Youtube and other platforms



What's included:

Coverage of Ceremony up to First Dance

2 Camera angles

Wireless mics

Personalized livestream page

Invitation link to share with guests

Unlimited viewers

Flatscreen TV to interact with online guests

Full video recording for playback


A. Livestream $499

B. Livestream + Video $649

Full Day Live + Highlights

C. 3 min Cinematic Film $599

D. Livestream + Video + Cinematic Film $899

Make your special day last forever!

Thanks for submitting!


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